CVWC April trivia

bud break for April TriviaCVWC April Trivia!

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Trivia Question:

What is the term describing the begging of the grapes annual growth cycle in which the vines begging to bleed sap and tiny buds swell, eventually producing shoots that develop into leaves?






Trivia Answer:

Bud Break
If your curious to learn more about how your wine gets to your glass then check out a few of our local wineries and vineyards who are looking to share their knowledge in a fun hands-on full season experience! Did we mention there will be wine?
Tsillan Cellars– Wine Class #1 Bud Break
Icicle Ridge Winery– Vineyard Hikes
Siren Song Wines– Wine Education, Winery Tours, and Food and Wine Tasting
 Many of the regions wineries and tasting rooms are open year round!