Lake Chelan: Naturally Intoxicating

Welcome to the Lake Chelan Wine Valley, the most naturally intoxicating wine destination in the Northwest. The glacially carved soil gives our grapes unique character. Lake Chelan’s depths literally change the seasons here, stretching them out, drawing out late-summer sugars, long after others are off the vine. Some say our most precious resources are the world-class winemakers drawn to these conditions, turning nature’s gifts into the magic in your glass.

Lake Chelan “AVA”

Designated as an official American Viticulture Area (AVA) in 2009, with 250 planted acres of vineyards rolling toward the lake, it’s easy to get caught up in the spectacular vistas.

Due to the ice age glaciers that formed Lake Chelan, the soil surrounding it has distinctive properties such as coarse, sandy sediment with notable amounts of quartz and mica, resulting in grapes with discernible textures, minerals, and nutrients. The AVA is also distinguished by a significant “lake effect” that creates mild and favorable temperatures, resulting in a longer growing season and a reduced risk of frost, making our grapes some of the most unique and coveted in the State.

Photos of Lake Chelan


wineregion_chelan1wineregion_chelan LC-WinterVineyards