What are people saying about CVWC after the WWWBC2018?

Back in early October CVWC was lucky enough to sponsor the opening luncheon, and provide a selection of our regions wines to this amazing event. Zephry Conferences Walla Walla Wine Bloggers Conference 2018. Here we had the opportunity to educate and meet some of the industries most influential wine bloggers, and give them a true taste of home. One of our attendee’s in particular shares his experience at Talk-a-vino.

CVWC, WineGirl Wines Bordeaux BlendFor a more in-depth look at the exciting events this 4-day wine lovers/writers event offers check out his blog, and enjoy a little excerpt below about one of our regions fun, engaging female winemakers, leaving her mark with her best selling Bordeaux Style red blend from WineGirl Wines of Lake Chelan.

“Day 2: The actual conference program started. One of the main morning highlights was the panel discussion by the 4 of the Walla Walla winemakers, talking about terroir, canopy management, and stories, their personal, real life stories. I also liked the panel of wine influencers, talking about the wine industry, wine writing, and Dos and Don’ts of wine blogging. During lunch, we had an opportunity to taste wines from the Cascade Valley Wine Country, where one particular wine, WineGirl Wines Red blend left a mark with me – a standout, flawless, round, and beautiful.”

WBC18: Like A Kid In The Candy Store – Again, or 4 Days in Walla Walla