WWI News and Updates: California Wine Region’s Tragic Fire Devastation: How You Can Help

Want to help with the devastation facing California wine regions fire devistation? Here are some ways to take action courtesy of our friends with the Washington Wine Institute.

Our friends and peers in the California wine regions around Mendocino, Napa, Sonoma, and the surrounding areas have been in our thoughts and prayers over the past several weeks as devastating fires tore through their beautiful countryside and left lost lives, homes, buildings, and businesses in its wake.

Many wineries have asked how to they can help support families and businesses impacted in each county. Here are three disaster relief funds for consideration if you would like to make a direct donation in support of one or multiple impacted areas:

Napa Valley Community Foundation’s Disaster Relief Fund

Community Foundation of Sonoma County’s Resilience Fund

Community Foundation of Mendocino County